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How To Fix A Keyboard Key On Dell Laptop?

Dell laptops are known worldwide for their advanced technology and they are built up on the latest editions. This brand is best known and undoubtedly most-preferred choice among the users because it offers the best software and hardware configurations that matter a lot to its users. Their user-friendly design and interface enable its users to stay ahead in their computing tasks. Overall, if you look at different other features like features, versatility, looks, top quality, prices and Dell support service keep this brand at the top.

When you work on a laptop you hardly come across any issue but users sometimes face lose key issue and they look to repair it or for a technician. You can fix this issue by yourself by following these given steps:

  • Turn off your laptop: First, you need to turn off your laptop and unplug it from a power source. Repairing of a keyboard is not a mammoth work; you just need to follow some safety measures while fixing it.
  • Remove a Key Cap: Generally, lose keys come out and you need to unhook them from a clip. In case, it doesn’t come out easily you can take it out with the assistance of flat head screwdriver and pull it softly with a clip.
  • Check attachments points on key: You need to be aware that you may find four attachments at the base of a key. You need to check carefully if any attachment has broken, in case, you are not able to check then remove it from keyboard with the help of screwdriver then have a look again.
  • Replace a broken key cap: If you find a broken key, you need to replace it with a new key. You can also replace it with a key that you infrequently use on your keyboard.
  • Fix metal bar on vast keys: Big keys like shift key are detained by a metal bar and in case, a bar is not flat completely, you need to reattach its small plastic hooks on a keyboard. You need to attach lower corner of keys on the side of hooks on the base. You need to put key cap cover and check it carefully.

In case, you are not able to fix it properly you can seek assistance from experts by dialing toll free Dell support number 1-800-628-396. Experts will guide you step-by-step to fix it.


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