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Dell Mobile Way Lets You Manage Your Mobile Apps On PC

Many of times you connect your phone to the laptop to transfer data and sometimes to charge its battery. Suppose you got a message or call while your phone is connected to the laptop then what do you do? Usually, people disconnect it and pick up the call or firstly they unlock their phone and then read the message. Well, there are some applications that lets you send and receive your text messages and calls on your computer or Macs. Dell has recently launched an app which lets you connect your iPhone and Android to your laptop via Bluetooth and you can send and receive messages as well as calls. Isn’t it amazing?
The latest models of Dell will come preinstalled with its new Mobile Connect software, through which you will be able to start calls, messages and run other apps on your computer via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi:

  • With the help of this app, users can stay focused towards their work on the computer and will not be distracted towards phone while working or studying or playing a game. The user will be informed about the SMS, phone calls or other apps notifications on the computer screen.
  • Moreover, a user will have control over the app notification which he would like to receive or not.
  • People will stay connected to their phone while working on the laptop with the Dell Mobile connector tool. You will not miss a single call or a SMS as it all can be imported on your laptop. You can enjoy sending a message with your computer keyboard as it is big in size. Also, you will enjoy the communication on call via laptop speakers.

A user can keep his iPhone in the pocket and can enjoy the wireless connection between the iphone or Android phone and your PC. The application allows you to manage apps on your computer, playing games, or simple use it to attend the calls. So, all these advantages come as a bonus when you buy a Dell laptop.

Through Dell Mobile Connect you see everything on the big screen i.e. on your computer screen. Enjoy everything on the laptop screen that your iPhone allows you to do and manage them with your laptop keyboard, mouse, and screen. It’s secure as you can communicate when you are available on the PC. It has the ability to mirror your phone’s screen. Moreover, it doesn’t need any additional hardware. Well, it’s a great work that Dell has done. After all, it thinks differently